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Created in 2002, the BCE Consultoria Empresarial has been active nation wide, developing new management strategies for many companies in various markets, intermediate solutions for crisis situations, as well improving existing structures searching for more efficiency and profitability.

Most efficient systems are the simple ones and usually they are the most flexible ones too. Inherent to them, is a wide range of adaptation possibilities, going from new tasks, to high increase in workload.

People use to confound simplicity with “minimalism”. They are wrong of course. Each structure, or system, has its own “simple version”. Think it as singularities with a perfect balance between efficiency and needs.

Nature shows us some classic samples. Some of them are so simple, but are responsible for the creation of the most complex structure known to mankind: life. Other shows us, how we must “flow” with our activities through easier, but still consistent paths to reach our goals.

Simple systems are easy to be understood by anyone, from your own staff, to customers and suppliers.

Give your structure a chance to go fast through its way to success.

We’ll keep it simple.